Prepare A Staggered Move

Production loss and the upheaval of business essentials are often incurred during a rushed move from one place of business to another. If you want to minimize downtime, plus ensure that the transition to your new place of business is smooth, prepare a staggered move. 

A Staggered Move

A staggered move is one that is conducted in stages. Small quantities of items are packed and transported to a new place during this type of move. Because this type of move provides ample time to conduct each step of the moving process, inventory can accurately be accounted for when preparing for a moving team to transport items.

If you will be hiring a moving crew for this type of move, the service provider who you will be paying may allow you to pay off the transport costs in installments. Each installment will likely be due on the day that a load of business essentials is going to be transported by the crew.

A Smaller Moving Vehicle

Because a staggered move will involve transporting much smaller loads than a move that is conducted in one day, there will be no need to reserve a full-sized moving truck or van. The owner of the moving company that you use may furnish a small or mid-sized vehicle that won't necessitate the same type of payment as a larger vehicle would. 

Your Moving Plan

Your moving plan should outline the order in which items will be moved to the new place of business. You will also need to determine who will be on the receiving end as each load of items that are transported arrives via a moving vehicle. Excess inventory and furnishings that are not currently being used at your place of business should be packed first.

Next, you should focus on non-critical paperwork and other inventory that is at your place of business. Lastly, you should prepare and pack up each room within your original building. Once you have outlined a plan that will allow helping you to execute the staggered move, it will be a good idea to relay the moving details to your colleagues and employees.

If anyone will be responsible for packing up specific items within your place of business, they will need to be furnished with a list of the moving steps that you would like for them to complete. As the move begins, you and the other occupants of your commercial building will be well-prepared for the transition.

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