How To Pack A Dishwasher For Moving

If you plan to move, one of the many things you need to move your dishwasher. Replacing a dishwasher can get costly, but the task of moving it may seem daunting. You will need to disconnect the plumbing and electrical components, which is easy with the right tools. Follow these steps to pack and move your dishwasher.

Prepare to Pack the Dishwasher

To move the dishwasher,gather:

  • flashlight
  • screwdriver 
  • soft cloth
  • dish soap
  • adjustable wrench
  • towel
  • furniture blanket
  • masking tape
  • plastic freezer bags or small container
  • dolly

Empty all dishes from the unit. Add detergent to the dispenser, and run the dishwasher for one cycle to remove stuck food particles that may cause mold growth, and let it dry. 

Wipe the walls, front of the door, and control panel with a soft, damp cloth, and let it dry. Shut off the power from the breaker or disconnect the cord.

Disconnect Water Lines and Electrical Connections

Slide the dishwasher out of the housing under the counter then the arms, and set parts aside. You may need to detach screws on the sides. 

Lay towels around the sink and under the sink to catch water that may spill from lines. Look for the water valves under the sink, and shut off the water by rotating them to the right. 

Locate the drain line by looking at the holes between the dishwasher and sink, which is commonly a large plastic tube. Spread a towel underneath the drain line, and lay the drain line end on it. 

Locate the metal toe kick, unfasten the screws, and detach the plate. Use the wrench to disconnect the water lines under the dishwasher. 

You may prefer to snap a picture of wiring connections to help you recall how they connect. Follow the cord the back of the unit, disconnect the screws on the junction box, and detach the three wires. Secure each piece in a plastic bag or container, and label it.

Move the Dishwasher 

Locate the bracket screws, which are commonly installed where the unit contacts the bottom of the cabinet. Rotate the legs to bring the unit down from the countertop. 

The only tube that should be still connected is the drain line. Move the dishwasher to you feeding the line through the holes. Seal the door with masking tape to keep it from flying open. 

Cover the unit with the furniture blanket, and get an assistant to help you move the dishwasher to the moving vehicle, or load it on the dolly. Ensure it stays thickly padded on the way to the new location to prevent dings. Visit a site, like, for more help.