How To Move With Children

The transition to a new home can be a stressful experience, especially so for children who have not moved before. In order to make the transition as painless as possible, there are a few things that you should do with your kids before and on moving day.

Keep Them Involved

It's important to make sure that your children are involved in the house selection process with you. This helps prevent them from feeling like the decision is being forced onto them, and allows them to get an idea of what the new house and location will be like.

Beyond getting them to come with you to look at potential houses, you should get your children to pack their own belongings and determine what they want to keep and what they want to throw away or donate.


While it's not always possible to put off a move until a calm period, it's always best to undergo a large change like moving out of state when there's nothing else going on so that you and your children are able to process it better. Moving in the summertime, when busy school and sports schedules are not in session, can help make settling down and adjusting to a new environment a little more straightforward.

Say a Proper Goodbye

In order to ease the process of leaving your old home and neighborhood, you may want to perform certain activities with your children that constitute a proper goodbye. This could take the form of building a memory board with photos from around the house and with local friends, or even something as simple as walking through the empty house the night before you leave as a family and talking about good memories.

Hidden Surprises

In order to make the unpacking process a little more exciting, and to take their mind off of the angst that they may be feeling, you may want to hide surprise gifts in your children's boxes. New toys, movies, clothes, or other items can make the unpacking process less like a chore and more like Christmas.

Unpack Slowly

In a similar vein to the above point, you shouldn't rush too quickly to unpack into your new house. Allowing time for the adjustment to happen can help keep stress levels to a minimum. Furthermore, unpacking too quickly can leave piles of clothes and belongings scattered around your home, which can make the entire unpacking process longer than it has to be.

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